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    The projector’s lenses may become dusty and dirty with time, and there comes the question of how to clean projector lens.  The lens may get spots made by your fingers whenever you touch them, setting on the projector. Moreover, the lens may simply get dusty during a particular time. It doesn’t matter what exactly caused it. Smudged lenses may produce a blur above the picture and decrease the property of the image that is projected.

    You should wipe off any dirt to feel secure that the representation outcome is excellent. We prepared some rules for cleaning projector lens; also, below you can discover some extra notes to support your intentions while doing this important action to retain a projector as a new one.

    Clean projector lenses: what materials are appropriate to do it?

    The thing is that it is not such nonsense that clean projector lenses produce a magnificent image. 

    Cleaning the projector lenses may appear to seem a durable, moreover, tiring process. You are obliged to be cautious and accurate to stay convinced that you don’t leave any scratches or wrecks on the paintwork of the lens that is made from glass; however, maintaining, in fact, is quick and such an easy thing, especially with the tips below. We prepared the list of the devices that are especially appropriate to use when you want to make your projector as clean as it is a new one.

    • Microfiber cloth for lenses
    • Compressed air
    • Papers for lens 
    • Lens soln.
    • Paper tissues

    Always check that you’ve got an appropriate cleanser for your lenses. Cleaning projector lens with rough or harsh appliances isn’t suitable and may ruin the lenses’ layers.

    You must be careful as the glass of the lens of projectors is quite sensible, and you can somehow destroy it. Therefore, micro-scratches may appear. Remember that it isn’t equal to the regular glass that is used for your sunglasses so that you have to arrange everything mindfully and be cautious while maintaining the lens of your projector because it is made of a really fragile material.

    When you decide to use any fabric to get the lenses clean, you have to read the label to be convinced that it is precisely made exactly for the lens. Rough cotton is typically used in clothing, and it may leave damage on the glass and leave you in trouble. Soft paper towels are one of the options to deal with the task, but they’ll leave hundreds and thousands of small scratches on the lens coating layer and spoil your mood for a long time.

    Steps on cleaning projector lens

    In the event that you’ve held some issues and had to turn on a projector not a long time ago, you are supposed to switch it off, plug it out, and let it cool off. These are three simple and important steps that you undoubtedly have to do if you don’t want to have any casualties to the mechanism and injuries for yourself. The time-limits for chilling usually vary from 30 minutes to several hours. It is an approximate time, so try to plan everything in advance. Read about the cooling time to be absolutely sure whether it is chilled or still hot. It is better to wait more rather than become scorched.

    Your task is to ultimately confirm that your projector is cold before opening it and getting the lens removed out. 

    To be capable of obtaining the lens, you will probably face the necessity of opening the projector. The form you can manage doing this depends on the class and brand of the projector you usually have in use; for instance, projectors under 500$ have another system than those that are more expensive. We highly recommend perusing the guide for the users or reviewing the manufacturer’s web-site to understand its working. It is better to spend time reading the instructions rather than break some details. 

    As a rule, there is a special click-button to get the projector body opened. Also, there may be some latches. 

    clean projector lens

    Right after the moment when your projector got cooled off, switched off, and you are able to keep the lens right in your hands, you can start the spot removal.

    Wipe off everything that may seem to be a piece of dirt with a soft microfiber fabric suitable for projector cleaning before including any other appliances into the cleaning procedure.   

    If you’re using a special brush for cleaning, do it with round movements.  If the projector isn’t often, for instance, as a home cinema, don’t forget to set the special cap for the lens.

    Whether the lens gets noticeable dust at the top and can’t be removed in other ways, we would like to advise you to use the compressed air to blow off dust bits.

    Indeed, there is a prohibition to wash it. 

    Also, we want to notice that regarding cleaning projector lens, less can easily become more. The piece of glass that is used to make the lenses is thin, and so it may require more effort for a thorough cleanup. If you don’t clean it well, it can become extra difficult for you as an owner of the projector to get rid of any dirt leftovers in the future.

    Instruction on projector lens cleaning 

    Follow the instructions that are below to get a pure lens:

    • We can say that it is no difference whether you’re using special fabrics or a special brush, always wipe the lens in round movements. Prevent straight-line actions as it may leave stains on the glass paintwork.
    • Examine the stickers and usage guides of any of the wares you’re applying, and be assured they’re created for the process of getting the lens clean. In another case, you may impair the lens.
    • When everything is clean, it is better to keep the materials you use in clean areas to stay clean. A speck of dirt on the brush or fabric will do more damage than good.
    • If you’ve decided to apply compressed air, take it approximately 6-8 inches (20cm)  from the lenses and then use short repetitive blowouts. That may restrict you from doing any blows to the lens covering as the airflow is really strong.  
    • We recommend you to hold the lens with the special cap on at any time when you don’t have to somehow use the projector.
    • Don’t diffuse or spill any liquids or suspensions on the lens.
    • You mustn’t apply any piece of clothing for cleaning. Employing a sweatshirt or jeans is forbidden if you want to get a clean lens as a result. It will only scrape the lens and leave you unpleased.  
    • Breathing we see also as a bad idea. There may be some acids in your breath that may damage the coating layer of the lens. Bear in mind that wipes for lenses tend to be less costly than a brand new, which means you shouldn’t be careless with the lens.

    You should undoubtedly clean your lenses properly. The solution is a really simple one: clean it as frequently as it becomes dirty. There is no need to clean it every day or week. Don’t clean the lens when there is no gap in the image quality. 

    When there’s absolutely no noticeable quality reduction, you don’t have to panic and think about washing the lens with specific liquors in the special cleaning centers. Therefore, you can just clean the grime off. 

    A tiny quantity of dust powder won’t spoil your impression of each edged detail.  

    Best tips to get your lens clean

    The section below includes a couple of suggestions about how to clean projector lens best.  

    • We highly recommend washing the filters that are made for picking the dust from time to time to prevent the mechanism from overheating, and, thus, don’t pass this step.
    • The one and the only surefire method you may apply against the dust-collecting process on the lid of your projector is using the special cap that is made especially for the lens covering any time when you don’t have a need to use it. Let’s say you may leave for a vacation, and you won’t be at home for some time. Therefore, you won’t use the projector, and it will only accumulate dust. So, always set the cap whenever you don’t use it.
    • Also, you need to think carefully about the place where you will set the projector. Find a place that is away from any vents as the airflow will blow the dust, and it is going to be flown on and into the projector.  
    • In case you use the projector outside of any building, be cautious while transporting the projector. 

    You should maintain cleaning projector lens, particularly when you intend to place outdoor cinema or something like that.

    Before the moment you think to use it, check if the movie appears sharp and bright with excellent quality.  

    We have an advice for you that is the projector you use will certainly give you the image quality as it was doing when it was a new one if you’re cautious.