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How To Hang a Projector Screen – Expert Guide

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    If you do not know how to hang a projector screen, then this material will help you understand this simple matter of hanging. In fact, this task is quite simple and in the presence of the simplest tool, it becomes quite feasible for everyone. The only point you need to decide on is the installation location:

    • on the wall,
    • on the ceiling,
    • on a table, shelf, or cabinet.

    By the way, in the latter case, you don’t even need tools – you just need the knowledge on mounting the device on the wall or ceiling and adjusting the image. But the first two cases require drilling the ceiling or wall, which is complicated if the ceiling is stretch or the walls are sheathed with plasterboard.

    Of course, hanging a ceiling-mounted projector on the wall or ceiling will render it immobile. After the device is placed on the wall or ceiling, it cannot be removed, moved to other rooms, or taken temporarily to another place. However, in the presence of another set of wires, its movement becomes possible. The most correct one is the decision of the owners to place the home theater in a separate room and equip it according to all standards.

    Here it is worth, for a start, to determine what types and types of screens there are. And, accordingly, each type of screen has its own installation option:

    • Manual screens of wall-ceiling type –  hang with a canvas in a metal tube,
    • Motorized screens of wall-ceiling type – mounted on a ceiling or wall, controlled either by the remote control,
    • Ceiling recessed screens – installation of such a screen is carried out in a specially prepared place in the ceiling,
    • Rear projection screens (translucent) –  the projector and the audience are directly separated by the screen,
    • Mobile, portable screens –  used for presentations, conferences or training,
    • Wall tension screens – stretched onto a special frame, and the whole structure is mounted on the wall.

    How to hang a projector screen on the wall

    Hanging projector screen on the wall is carried out quite simply and quickly:

    • Temporarily remove a few finishing tiles.
    • Secure the outlet to which the power cord will be connected.
    • Cut a hole in any ceiling piece for the rod and cables.
    • Take them outside.
    • Lock the finishing board in place.

    It is important when hanging a screen to provide for the nuance that the switch should not be located in the unfolding area of ​​the projection screen. All mounting components of the screen must be located in the field of view in order to control the process of unfolding/folding the canvas.

    How to hang projector screen on a ceiling surface

    It is believed that the most convenient location for hanging a projector screen is in the ceiling. To hang it there, you need to choose the correct and durable fasteners. The main recommendations for a secure and high-quality mounting of the projection screen are as follows:

    • To hang the screen on a ceiling surface or in a vertical position, it is recommended while mounting to use the fasteners supplied with the device. These materials have been tested for suitability and provide high-quality adhesion of the web to brick or concrete surfaces.
    • If the multimedia screen has a built-in electric drive, space must be provided for the switch. It must be hanged at a level of at least 1.5 m from the floor, and also make sure that the place is not accessible to children and pets.
    • To mount the projector screen to a suspended ceiling, you must use a special ceiling mount. It is supplied on request as an additional component. The brackets look like a set of two independent components – the ceiling bar and the mount itself. Often they are mounted with the option of adjusting the height of the structure, rotating the lower center horizontally, as well as the ability to adjust the angle of the screen when you are mounting it.

    Mounting a projector screen

    When you have decided on the choice of model, the process of learning how to mount a projector screen begins with calculating the focal length to the diagonal of your screen, for this you need to calculate it according to the attached instructions, using the calculator for projectors service, or empirically (i.e. by turning on the projector mounted and sending a signal to it to try on and mark (and if the projector is hanged on a ceiling, place it on the ceiling). 

    To determine the screen size for a specific room and area of ​​use, the following basic parameters must be taken into account:

    Be careful keeping the mount with the distance from the first seated viewer to the screen surface when you are hanging a projector screen. This distance is typically within the screen width to the sum of the two-screen heights. For example, the planned distance to the first viewer is 2.5 m, then the screen can be safely mounted from 200x150cm. up to approximately 240x180cm. If we take the screen as a basis and calculate the distance to the first row from it, then, say, a 300x170cm screen. will require a minimum distance of 3 meters to the first row of spectators. The maximum distance will be 3.4 meters. These formulas are rather arbitrary and under certain circumstances may have errors, but small.

    As for the height from the floor to the lower edge of the projection screen, it should be approximately 120 cm. This figure is necessary for comfortable viewing of the image by all present viewers. Exceptions are projects with multi-tiered seating positions and a special floor slope. And also, when mounting screens in home theaters, where the number of viewers is limited and often there is only one row. In this case, the height indicator from the floor to the canvas can be reduced.

    And, finally, the parameter of the height of the screen surface itself is recommended not less than 1/6 of the distance to the last spectator row.

    Think carefully about where to mount the projector screen

    Often, property owners first decide to buy a home theater or use an interactive set-top box, and only then think about how to hang a projector and a holder on the ceiling and which mount is better. This problem will not be relevant if the equipment is intended for events and therefore must be mobile.

    If this appliance is used in the home when hanging a projector screen you should immediately determine a permanent location to ensure a stable position and to hide the cable wiring. The best solution for mounting a projection device is a ceiling slab as it will not interfere with anyone there. This place will be inaccessible to the child, he will not be able to accidentally break the equipment by hooking the wires.

    Anyone can install a ceiling or wall projector screen if they are interested in performing such manipulations if they carefully study the recommendations, remember, and put into practice all the secrets we have proposed. The completed work will subsequently allow you to enjoy the result, watching the video in a comfortable environment.

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