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How To Reset NEC Projector Lamp Without a Remote

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    Getting a projector is a pleasant occasion in your routine life but after a while you’ll face the necessity to take proper care of it and this includes knowing how to reset NEC projector lamp without a remote. There is a lamp timer on your projector that counts the time to help you to find out when to replace your bulb before it fails. Be aware of such a required procedure as resetting the lamp clock. In this article, we will guide you to do this properly taking into account the fact of remote control absence in your property. The main enemy of a projection lamp is high temperatures. It is the elevated temperatures required for the operation of the lamp that is the main reason for their failure. Therefore, efforts should be directed precisely at preventing unreasonable overheating of the lamp and smooth cooling during the projector shut down.

    So, here are some tips for operating your projector to extend lamp life:

    1. If possible, use the projector in Eco mode
    2. Position the projector so that air can circulate freely around it to allow it to cool naturally and prevent overheating.
    3. Using the projector under high humidity, dust, tobacco smoke will also reduce lamp life, so try to avoid such adverse conditions.
    4. Dirty filters can also damage the lamp, so regularly clean and replace the filters in the projector, especially if it is forced to operate in adverse conditions (see paragraph above)
    5. If you yourself change the lamp in the module, do all the manipulations with gloves, because the presence of grease stains on the glass bulb of the lamp can lead to a decrease in the lamp life
    6. If your network is unstable and there are frequent power outages, you should use the projector with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 

    Thus, subsequent to supplanting the lamp you need to learn how to reset NEC projector lamp without a remote. It is something that needed to be done because in another case you won’t get accurate work of your home cinema. The worst scenario is that your projector won’t work and will show you the warning sign of the needed NEC projector bulb reset. Even if you think that your lamp is still shining brightly like a diamond, don’t put on the NEC projector bulb replacement. If incandescent lamps have the same brightness throughout their entire service life and burn out at the same time, then projection lamps have a different principle of operation and “aging”. Over the entire period of use, the projector lamp gradually loses brightness. A lamp is considered to have been used up when its brightness is 50% of the original. However, it is very difficult to visually determine how much the brightness has dropped from the original, especially if the projector is used infrequently and a considerable time has passed since the replacement. 

    Steps to reset NEC projector without a remote 

    Every manufacturer of projector lamp claims time usage which can vary from 4000 to 15000 hours. By this, they mean that when the time is up the light bulb should be changed. The lamp is responsible for generating the light output so that this is an essential part of the projector. There is a light indicator on your projector which will turn red as a sign that the light bulb is out of order. This program counter screens the life for your exact projector as a requirement for upkeep. But when it comes to nec projector lamp reset it should be done manually. 

    According to the projector brand NEC NP / U / LT / VT Series, there are a few methods to reset nec projector : 

    1. Press the “MENU” button, select ” Reset ” 
    2. Select ” Lamp Cleaning Time”> a dialog box appears> click “OK”. 

    Don’t reset the counter if you haven’t replaced the lamp yet. That’s because your lamp may rupture. You don’t want to do any expensive repair as a consequence of your carelessness, do you?

    The main menu method for NEC projector bulb reset 

    Supposing you don’t have a remote, NEC projector bulb reset process goes as follows. You enter the menu by pressing the corresponding physical Menu button on your projector. The light source counter reset function can be implemented as a separate item or located in the menu items “Settings or Service”, “Options or Setup”, “Management” or ” Reset Menu”. Sometimes this function is hidden in the menu items “About” or “Advanced menu”. The life of the lamp is different for each lamp and also depends on the environment. The same lamp life is not guaranteed. Some lamps may burn out or may end their service life earlier than other lamps of the same type. 

    In many models of projectors, the function of resetting the light source settings is placed in a separate item of the main menu, which may be called ” Lamp Settings”, ” Lamp Counter” or similar. After installing a new lamp, you must enter this menu and select the item ” Lamp Reset ” or simply ” Reset “, then confirm the selection by pressing the appropriate button. 

    What do you need to know before you reset NEC projector 

    When you change your lamp you need to reset the lamp timer as well. This is because the lamp timer will have automatically recorded hours from your old lamp. The projector won’t turn on once hours are exceeded. The lamp installed inside NEC projector contains mercury. This product may contain other electronic waste which, if not properly disposed of, can be hazardous. Recycling and disposal must be carried out in accordance with local state or federal regulations. This means that the lamp should last 3000 hours in the standard mode, 4000 hours in the economy mode. However, the manufacturers of projectors can often mislead users in the following way: the standard operating mode of the projector is referred to as economy mode and the high brightness mode as standard. Thus, the owner of the projector, assuming that the lamp is operating in standard mode, expects a service life of 3000 hours, while in fact, the projector operates in a high brightness mode, which significantly reduces even the lower limit of the lamp resource. In addition, the lamp life is rated for the ideal operating environment of the projector.

    Final words about  NEC projector bulb reset 

    The lamp in the projector is one of the most important elements on which the quality of image transmission to the screen depends. A projection lamp is an expensive and complex technical device that operates under extreme conditions: at high (up to 1000 degrees) temperatures and increased pressure in the lamp bulb. Of course, the projector “counts” the lamp hours and warns of an imminent replacement, but we all know that the declared lamp life is designed for ideal operating conditions in a certain mode, which is not always observed. Therefore, the owner of the projector can make the decision to replace the lamp regardless of the lamp’s life. there is no point in looking at a barely visible picture while waiting for the declared 2000-3000 hours of lamp operation to expire. Nevertheless, the lamp must work out at least the warranty period, which, as a rule, ranges from three to six months. You’ve learned how to reset NEC projector lamp without a remote adhere to the directions in the guidance manual that accompanied it so it won’t be a problem. 

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